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The Best Fat Loss ProgramFat Loss 4 Idiots

By Cynthia Blake

Our pick for the best fat loss program available is Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Don't let the name fool you! (I know the "idiot" might be jarring at first) Fat Loss 4 Idiots isn't really for "idiots." What they're really trying to say is that it is foolproof and easy. It's simply an amazing method that anyone can use and obtain amazing results in as little as 11 days.

How It WorksThe Best Fat Loss Program

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a revolutionary new diet plan that uses calorie cycling to force your metabolism to burn your fat stores more quickly and efficiently. The system is aimed at changing the types of calories you eat every day so that your metabolism doesn't fall into a pattern. Keeping your metabolism going is one of the absolute best ways to lose fat.

Imagine eating more than three times a day, choosing from a variety of foods, and losing weight at the same time! You won't have to do away with carbs like Atkins calls for, or only eat certain types of foods. Fat Loss 4 Idiots is focused on change and variety.

Eat More Often To Boost MetabolismThe Best Fat Loss Program

This fat loss program is also focused on kick-starting your metabolism by increasing how often you eat. It sounds counterproductive, but in fact this is exactly the right way to go about your eating habits. If you wait too long between meals you get hungrier, AND your metabolism begins to conserve energy because it senses that you might not eat for a while. By eating more often you keep your metabolism burning food at high capacity all day! The best part is that you won't be starving!

Check Out This Program Right Now!The Best Fat Loss Program

Check out the Fat Loss 4 Idiots website to get even more information about what their program provides. There's a reason this program is not only our top pick, but is also an internet-wide bestseller. If you want results, Fat Loss 4 Idiots could be your key to finally reaching your goal of losing weight!

Consider These TestimonialsThe Best Fat Loss Program

I found these testimonials at

GREAT !!!!!! I just love this diet.... I like "instant" results it's what keeps you goin' The food was great and the fact that you got a choice was a bonus, all for the princely sum of one trip to Weightwatchers.... I have dropped a dress size in the fist eleven days and will continue for another 11. PLEEEEZE remember all you knockers that it is only for 11 days and if you don't learn anything after that you deserve the title !!!! ~Maria E.
I've been following the diet4idiots for 2 days and have lost 5 pounds. I eat until satified and am finding this an easy diet to follow. I also am not sure what I will do once I've completed the 11 day cycle. Before this, I was following the Weightwatchers point system (25 points per day). I found myself remaining at the same weight regardless of exercise/diet. The diet4idiots seems to have ended the plateau and I'm once again losing some of the weight. ~AJ
HI - I did this diet for about 2 months and lost 20 lbs (I'm about to restart it on Monday) It was the easiest diet I've ever done - although the food DOES get repititious, I needed a little break....don't worry about your cheat days, eat normally, it's important in order to "trick" your metabolism and start losing again the next cycle, yes, you'll gain back a couple pounds during those cheat days, but it's just water weight,it's gone again after a couple days back on the diet. The closer you get to your goal wieght, the slower the weight comes off, but for me, it did keep coming off just varied (8lbs, then 2, then 5, then 3...)there WAS a support forum on this sight which was AWSOME - lots of people on the diet sharing experiences, tips, recipies, unfortunately, someone ruined it for the rest of us and Jim was forced to chut it down..... I definately recommend this diet to everyone who asks me what I did to lose so much! ~"Prairie"

Please note that those are NOT solicited testimonials. There are actually many more like it.

It's clear that FL4I is definitely a good fat loss plan. The only downside is that the meals can be repetitive. However, I do not believe that is a good reason to pass it over. You have to consider what is more important to you: taste or weight loss. As with any fat loss program, you should definitely include some sort of cardiovascular exercise to keep your muscles toned.

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