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The South Beach Diet PlanDoes The South Beach Diet Work?

By Cynthia Blake

The South Beach Diet Plan Review
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south beach diet plan review

The South Beach Diet Plan is an immensely popular diet program that will revolutionize the way you look at food. What is the South Beach Diet, and is it right for you? Does The South Beach Diet work?

The South Beach Diet recently released an excellent web-based program which enables users to easily map out recipes and plan their meals. Because of the surge in popularity of this convenient tool, I've taken it upon myself to write a review of the program.

What Are The Basics?The South Beach Diet Plan Review

The South Beach Diet was created by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a respected cardiologist. His motivation for starting the diet was based on his attempts to get his patients to a healthier cholesterol level. He first published the diet in book form, and you've likely seen it on the shelves or in a friend's house.

The South Beach Diet can't be classified as low-carb, low-fat, or high protein. It's more of a combination where participants learn how to eat the right kind of carbs and fats. Instead of completely cutting out one or the other, the focus is on a healthier overall eating habit.

How Does It Work?The South Beach Diet Plan Review

The South Beach Diet plan takes place in three phases. Each phase is slightly different.

Phase 1 lasts for 14 days and is the most restrictive part of the diet. During this part of the plan you are told to focus on eating normal-sized portions of lean meats with vegetables, cheese, nuts, and eggs. Three balanced meals per day is the aim, and it's during this phase that most of the carbs are restricted. Weight loss during this phase is expected to range from 7-13 pounds.

Phase 2 lasts until you reach your weight loss goal. It's a bit more lenient as far as food selection goes. You re-introduce some whole grain carbs to your diet and continue with 3 balanced meals with foods from all the food groups.

Phase 3 lasts, well, forever! It's the "way of life" phase, and by this time you should already have lost your taste for refined sugars and artifical, highly processed foods. Phase 3 is aimed at helping you keep good eating habits.

The Bottom LineThe South Beach Diet Plan Review

So, is the South Beach Diet plan any good? Does it work?

If followed well and augmented with a good exercise plan, the South Beach Diet plan can absolutely help you drop pounds. The best thing about The South Beach Diet is that it doesn't really make you become an obsessive calorie counter. Instead, it teaches you to rely on yourself to eat until satisfied and not more. This is something that can carry over well after the first two phases of the diet.

Another good thing about The South Beach Diet is that it promotes strategic snacking so your blood sugar levels don't fall, you don't get over-hungry, and you don't overeat during meals. This way you won't be "starving" which is a fear of people who want to lose weight.

There are a few drawbacks to The South Beach Diet. The pounds you drop in Phase 1 will be mostly water weight. You will lose fat (and you will definitely lose fat throughout the diet), however all this water loss could throw off your electrolyte balance. Be sure to keep your electrolytes up.

Because the weight loss at first tends to be a lot of water, your tissues will eventually re-hydrate themselves and you might think that you've either stopped losing weight or gained it back. Don't worry, though. If you stick to this plan, keep a food journal, and exercise, you WILL lose weight.

The South Beach Diet is based on tried and true weight loss techniques, and is written by a doctor. This is one of the best, in our opinion.

We highly recommend the online version of this diet to help you plan your meals.

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