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Strip That Fat Review Fat Loss Program Review

By Cynthia Blake

How Well Does Strip That Fat Work?

Official Strip That Fat Website

Strip That Fat is an online diet program that has recently become very popular with those looking for a realistic solution to weight loss. It uses a no-nonsense attitude, sound nutritional knowledge, and positive strategies to help you lose up to 2 pounds per week. The authors of Strip That Fat claim that their diet program is easy to follow and sustainable.

Does Strip That Fat live up to its claims? Is it worth spending your hard-earned money on? We purchased the program and took a good look at it. Let us take you through so you can decide for yourself whether or not this fat loss program might be what you're looking for.

Let me share a few testimonials from some happy Strip That Fat users:

I have tried the Strip That Fat system and continue to do so - I've lost 8 pounds already in a few weeks and it is pretty easy - it definitely does work
~From Yahoo! Answers Site, user Deppman007
Dear STF Diet Team, We almost forgot to send you a note about our success we have had with your program. I say WE because our whole family has taken part in the Strip That Fat diet program. We each created our own diet plans and have stuck to our guns. Our family (2 kids, 2 parents) has lost a combined weight of over 60 pounds in just over 5 weeks. Thanks a million!
~The Grates Family, Tuscon, Arizona (strip that fat official site)

Basics Strip That Fat Review

Strip That Fat offers a very user friendly crash course in basic nutrition and exercise science. The program is centered around an ebook and a diet generator, both of which work together very well.

Strip That Fat Review Page 1

The ebook is written in a very conversational fashion that's very easy to read. There's no hard science to throw you off and bore you, and the information presented is very sound. The book starts off by going over the reasons that many diets simply don't work. It then proceeds to show you how following a step-by-step plan works better.

The bulk of the book deals with the "15 Dieting Aha's," which are basically chapters on topics such as how smaller meals are better than big ones, why breakfast is vitally important, tips on how to make eating out healthy, as well as creative ways to sneak in exercise.

There is a section dedicated to exercise, including why your legs are the most important muscle group to weight loss and how lower intensity workouts lead to more fat loss overall.

The Diet Generator Strip That Fat Review

strip that fat review - diet generator

The diet generator portion of "Strip That Fat" is a very useful tool. Basically what you do is select your favorite meals from 5 different groups of food choices. You could choose them all if you want; that would end up giving you more variety.

The diet generator then shuffles them up and gives you a 14 day meal plan with 5 meals a day. Best of all, the diet generator automatically creates a shopping list to make your life easier.

strip that fat - oatmeal recipe

The diet generator gives preparation instructions and tips for the different meals. There's also a list of "acceptable condiments" so you can spice things up.

This diet plan is definitely sustainable. Although the authors intend for you to use it for 14 days, you could use it over and over as much as you like. A good way might be to slowly branch out as you become more familiar with calorie contents, healthy foods, and portion sizes.

The Extras Strip That Fat Review

The extras offered in the "Platinum Package" include the Calworries guide, the calorie worksheet, and the "Living Life Healthy" recipe guide.

The calorie worksheet and the recipes are kind of ho-hum, but the Calworries guide might be worth the extra price. It's basically a quick guide to achieving the goal of "eating fewer calories than you burn." It includes information on portion sizes, how much energy you burn with exercise, and more.

The Good Strip That Fat Review

Strip That Fat is not a gimmick. It's a very down to earth and doable guide to achieving a healthy lifestyle. The guidelines are realistic, and the program doesn't throw so much information at you that you lose track of what you're doing.

At 95 pages the main guide is hefty enough to offer you all that you need to know to start down the path towards your weight loss goals, yet it's not so overwhelming that you give up before you're even done.

The "layman's terms" format makes this diet something that anyone can do.

The diet generator offers some tasty food choices, making it one of the better ones I've seen.

The Bad Strip That Fat Review

Strip That Fat sometimes comes across as a little unpolished. There are a few odd jokes in the guide, as well as some typos. However, these aren't dealbreakers.

This program is not a scientific explanation of how nutrition and exercise work. The basics are there, but if you want more intricate information you may have to supplement with some more material.

Bottom Line Strip That Fat Review

The best part about Strip That Fat is that it puts weight loss and healthy living into perspective, making it a reachable goal for anyone. This is not a crash diet, and it's honestly one of the most "down to earth" guides on fat loss I have come across. If you can do what this guide tells you, then you will lose weight and you will be healthier. I highly encourage you to visit the Official Strip That Fat Website and join the thousands who are already losing weight with Strip That Fat.

Remember: motivation is key. With personal weight loss plans, YOU are the only one controlling the outcome. Success can definitely be yours with a little determination and commitment!

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