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The Truth About Six Pack Abs ReviewDoes It Work Or Is It A Scam?

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review Author PictureBy Cynthia Blake

How Well Does "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" Work?

Title: The Truth About Six Pack Abs (Truth About Abs)
Author: Mike Geary
Price: 39.95 with 21 day trial
Guarantee: 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a very popular diet and exercise program that focuses on the most solid ways to train your midsection; more specifically, how to get those coveted six pack abs.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program

The thing about ab training books is that they all tend to be the same. The same workouts, same tips, etc. This is why I don't tend to recommend ab training books.

However, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is different. It focuses on undoing the myths and incorrect training patterns that tend to be recycled by the masses. This book is actually worth your time, and that's why I decided to put together this review.

The Basics Truth About Abs Reviews

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is actually an ebook. This means that as soon as you purchase it it is sent to you via email and you have instant access to it.

Written by Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Specialist, this ebook is about 110 pages and covers and extensive array of training myths and realities, diet guidelines, and specific exercises. The thing I really liked about Truth is that it speaks to you in a language you can understand. There's no guessing games here; It's very straightforward and down to earth.

Mike makes himself accessible to his customers by providing a contact email. He also publishes a very informative e-newsletter discussing new tips and workouts. He's committed to providing people with great workout advice, and that's a big positive for this program.

The Ab Workouts The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

The meat of The Truth About Six Pack Abs main program is focused on ab workouts and strength training. Don't worry--you don't need a gym membership or an elaborate home workout area. Of course, having access to equipment will make things easier, however a few simple weights and an exercise ball will go a long way in allowing you to do these workouts in the comfort of your own home.

The exercises are designed to improve all the muscles in your midsection. The first part of the book is even dedicated to showing you the anatomy of the ab muscles so that you can more easily picture what you're working on during your exercises. Knowledge is power, especially when you're doing fitness routines.

For the women out there who want a toned midsection but might not like the idea of "strength training," you can rest assured that this program will still be an excellent choice. In fact, it's perfect because the array of exercises provided ensure that your abs get a balanced workout, leading to a tight, toned middle.

The Diet And Nutrition Advice The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

In Truth About Abs, Mike provides some great nutrition information that will put you on the road not only to a slimmer waist, but also to better health. He exposes some myths about "health" foods that you think are good but really aren't. He gives some excellent guidelines to help steer you towards a healthier diet.

Truth even provides a full 7 day menu that is broken down not only into specific recipes, but also specific nutritional information. This helps you plan you meals and also learn what goes into proper food selection.

Every day during this plan offers:

  • Breakfast
  • Mid morning meal
  • Lunch
  • Mid afternoon meal
  • Dinner
  • Late night meal

This isn't a fad diet or a starvation diet. It's actually a very satisfyingly complete menu that is quite easy and fun to follow. You won't feel hungry at all.

The Good The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Basically this is one of the absolute best programs available for developing a toned, sleek, and cut midsection.

The workouts are easy to follow with color pictures and simple instructions.

The nutrition advice is spot on, and you'll find some great tips in here on eating right.

The author is accessable and dedicated to your success.

The Bad Truth About Abs Reviews

It focuses only on abs. When are you coming out with a total body book, Mike?

Exercises will need some equipment.

Conclusions The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Overall I highly recommend checking out The Truth About Six Pack Abs. I really think that this is a special program that goes against the grain to provide high quality training guidelines in a complete package.

No, Truth About Abs is NOT a scam. I can assure of that. Instead, it's a thorough look at every element that goes into creating enviable washboard abs.

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